Setting up Eddystone-EID

This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up Eddystone-EID packet on your beacons to improve security of your deployment.

Keep in mind Eddystone-EID works only on Estimote Locations Beacons. In addition you need to use Estimote iOS SDK in version at least 4.1.0 or Estimote Android SDK 0.10.2.

What is Eddystone-EID?

Eddystone-EID packet is designed for security. The Ephemeral ID is seemingly random and can be resolved by requesting cloud resolver hosted by Google. Resolved EID will return description and attachments assigned to it.

Learn more: Google Beacon Proximity API and Google Developer Console.

1. Google Developer Console configuration

First, go through the following steps to set up a project with Nearby API in Google Developer Console:

Google Developer Console

  1. Set up a project in Google Developer Console.
  2. Select a project or create a new one by clicking on the Select a project dropdown.
  3. Once the project is set up, go to the API library.
  4. Search for Proximity, click on it to view its details.
  5. Click Enable to enable the Google Proximity Beacon API for your project.
  6. Search for the Nearby API and enable it the same way.

2. Estimote Cloud ServiceAccountKey Configuration

The next step is to provided Google ServiceAccountKey to Estimote Cloud to register your Estimote Beacon in Google Beacon Proximity API. Go through the following steps:

Google Developer Console - Credentials

  1. Click Go to credentials.
  2. Click New credentials, then select Service account key.
  3. Create new service account, specify your role (typically, Project Owner), and select a JSON file. After this operation, the JSON file will be automatically generated and downloaded to your computer.
  4. Send the JSON file together with your Estimote Cloud account email address to Entitle email “EID Registration”. We’d really appreciate it if you also include a line or two about why using this packet is important for your app.

When credentials are uploaded to your account we will let you know you by email.

3. Enabling a beacon to broadcast Eddystone-EID packet

Almost there! With everything in place you can register your device. Just follow these steps:

Estimote Cloud EID registration

  1. Go to Estimote Cloud and sign in.
  2. Select the beacon you want to enable Eddystone-EID for.
  3. Click Edit settings in top-right corner.
  4. Navigate to Eddystone-EID tab on the left.
  5. Provide Namespace ID and Instance ID to use for registration in Google Beacon Proximity API. Default values are copied from Eddystone-UID settings of this beacon.
  6. Click Register EID Beacon. After successful registration you will have access to current settings of Eddystone-EID packet.
  7. Apply the settings you want to use and click Save changes.

This steps will generate pending settings for your beacon that will enable Eddystone-EID packet on your devices. The one last step is to apply this pending settings to your beacon. To do that, just connect to the beacon using the Estimote App or SDK.