3rd party SDKs & libraries

When it comes to native iOS and Android development, we’ve got you covered … But what about a ton of other platforms, frameworks, and programming languages out there? Can you use Estimote devices with Xamarin, PhoneGap, Raspberry Pi, etc.? Well, thanks to the fantastic community of beacon developers, yes, you can! Here’s a list of 3rd party SDKs & libraries if you’re looking for something outside native iOS and Android.

Important: These SDKs and libraries are not authored or maintained by Estimote. While we compiled this list in good faith, we cannot guarantee the quality of these SDKs and libs, or provide adequate support in case of any issues.

Keep in mind: This list is not extensive by any means—it features SDKs and libs that we tried ourselves and liked, but there’s always chance that with a bit of googling or asking around, you’ll be able to find an even better option for your project. (And if you find something really nice and think it should be included here, drop us a message!)

There are also libraries that we know about, but are not featured here, typically because they’re out of date or not actively maintained.

What’s ahead (aka Table of Contents)

Xamarin iOS & Android [C#]

We have an example project which shows how to bind and use Estimote SDKs in Xamarin:


There are also some ready-made bindings available on NuGet, although they’re usually out of date, so proceed with caution.

PhoneGap/Cordova on iOS & Android [JavaScript]

Peter Metz maintains an amazing Cordova iBeacon plugin:

It doesn’t use Estimote SDK, but it implements all the basic iBeacon discovery features, and does it really well.

Linux (incl. Raspberry Pi & Intel Edison) and OS X [Node.js]

Our absolute favorite in the *NIX category is the Node.js bleacon library:

It works great on OS X & Linux systems, including Raspberry Pi and Intel Edison. Here’s the full list of supported platforms:

bleacon supports iBeacon and Nearable packets.

Unity 3D

Here’s our own example which shows how to use  Estimote/iOS-Indoor-SDK and  Estimote/Android-Indoor-SDK in Unity 3D:


There are also some 3rd-party integrations for the  Estimote/iOS-SDK and  Estimote/Android-SDK available on the Unity Asset Store:

There’s also a generic iBeacon and Eddystone plugin from Kaasa Solution.

Windows 10 [C# & Co.]

Unlike the previous versions, Windows 10 comes with a built-in Bluetooth Low Energy API. Here’s a topic on our forums describing how to use this API do detect iBeacon packets:

From other options—we haven’t tried this one yet, but here’s a ready-made beacon library for Windows 10, with support for iBeacon and Eddystone packets: