Eddystone Configuration Service

Part of the Eddystone specification is also an Eddystone GATT Configuration Service. It’s a standardized GATT service that you can use to configure compatible beacons to broadcast Eddystone packets.

ECS is currently supported on:

  • 2018 Proximity Beacons (hardware revisions “J”)
  • all Location Beacons (hardware revisions “F” and “I”)

It is however, disabled by default. To enable it:

  1. Connect to your beacon with the Estimote app, and disable all broadcasting packets.
  2. Disconnect from the beacon.
  3. In Estimote Cloud, open the beacon’s Edit Settings dialog, and in the Connectivity Packet section, set Eddystone Configuration Service to On. (If you can’t see that option, it means the beacon doesn’t support ECS.)
  4. Save the changes. Your beacon should now be in Pending Settings state.
  5. Connect to the beacon with the Estimote app. This will sync the settings, and enable ECS.

The initial ECS password/key is all zeroes.

Keep in mind: As long as ECS remains enabled, it’s no longer possible to configure and manage beacons with Estimote’s tools. You can disable ECS the same way you’ve enabled it—by flipping the switch in Estimote Cloud, then connecting to the beacon with one of the Estimote apps to sync the settings.