Eddystone Configuration Service

Part of the Eddystone specification is also an Eddystone GATT Configuration Service. It’s a standardized GATT service that you can use to configure compatible beacons to broadcast Eddystone packets. The largest adopter of the Eddystone Configuration Service is Google’s Beacon Tools app for iOS and Android.

Only Estimote Location Beacons support ECS at this time. It is however, disabled by default. You can enable it by toggling a checkbox on your Beacon Settings page in Estimote Cloud, then connecting to the beacon with the Estimote iOS or Android app to sync the settings.

Since Proximity Beacons don’t currently support ECS, they can’t be used with the Beacon Tools app. If you want to register your Proximity Beacons with Google’s beacon cloud, you can still do that via their API.

Important: While ECS remains enabled, it’s no longer possible to configure and manage beacons with Estimote’s tools.

This is because ECS doesn’t know anything about Estimote Cloud—by design of course, since it’s meant to be vendor-agnostic. Any pending settings in Estimote Cloud wouldn’t be synced via ECS. And vice-versa, configuration changes made with ECS wouldn’t be sent to Estimote Cloud.

Keep in mind: To emphasize that with ECS enabled, Estimote Cloud is no longer the source of truth for your beacons’ configuration, we also require you to first disable all the packets before you can turn Eddystone Configuration Service on.