Other platforms

We provide native iOS and Android libraries to access Estimote APIs for Proximity detection, Indoor Location, and more. On this page, we’ll cover how to use the Estimote tech with other popular platforms and technologies.

What’s ahead (aka Table of Contents)


We have an example project which shows how to bind and use Estimote Proximity SDKs in Xamarin:


There are other, 3rd-party bindings available on NuGet. They are generally outdated and use our old SDKs, so we recommend against using them in new projects.

React Native

We have an example React Native wrapper for our Proximity SDKs available here:


Unity 3D

Here’s our own example which shows how to use Estimote Indoor Location in Unity 3D:


There are other, 3rd-party integrations on the Unity Asset Store. They generally use our old SDKs, so we recommend against using them in new projects.


We don’t have any official plugins for PhoneGap/Cordova, but there’s a 3rd-party iBeacon plugin available:


See this comparison between Estimote Proximity and iBeacon.

Node.js on Linux (e.g. Raspberry Pi), macOS, Windows

There’s a great 3rd-party Node.js library for generic BLE scanning:


Along with a library built on top of noble, with ready-made parsers for iBeacon and Estimote Nearable packet:


You may also take a look at our runnable specs for Estimote Telemetry and Estimote Nearable, which too are built on top of noble:


Windows 10 (Universal Windows Platform)

Here’s a 3rd-party library for detecting iBeacon and Eddystone advertisements in a Universal Windows app: