WiFi configuration

Estimote Mirror is equipped with a WiFi module that allows for remote configuration and obtaining data from the Internet.

If you wish to use those functionalities here is a quick tutorial for you on how to configure your Mirror to work with your WiFi network.

Tip: We believe that in many use-cases it makes more sense to send data from the phone to Mirror rather than use the Mirror WiFi connection to fetch data from a remote server.
For example if a user approaches a screen in a subway, the mobile app loads a list of trains going where the user wants to go and pushes that list onto the Mirror. There might be little advantage in having a mobile app push a user ID to Mirror and than waiting for the Mirror to fetch the data.

Before you start

Make sure that:

  • Your wireless network works on 2.4GHz band
  • WiFI SSID is not hidden
  • Router has Internet connectivity and cloud.estimote.com is accessible

Enabling WiFi

By default, Mirror comes with WiFi disabled. In order to turn it on you have to use the iOS Estimote app or the Android Estimote App. Enter the Mirror details screen either tapping on it on the radar or on the list. Switch the Wifi switch and fill the Name and Password fields. On iOS those settings will be automatically sent to Mirror, on Android, you have to go back to the previous screen in order to save your changes.

If you have your Mirror connected to a display you should see a green baner in the top right corner informing you that connection to cloud.estimote.com was successfully established.

Keep in mind: It might take up to a couple of minutes for Mirror to connect to your network so don’t worry if the message doesn’t show up immediately.
Also, if your template fetches images or other content right after it shows up, those fetch operations might fail because it takes some time for Mirror to connect to network after booting up. So, if your remote content fails to load just give Mirror a while by retrying a couple of times.


  • Double-check the Name and Password you entered
  • Check for spaces at the beginning and at the end of the password
  • Make sure your network matches all the requirements from the Before your start section

If you are still having trouble to connect to your network please try following these steps:

  • Try connecting Mirror to an iOS or Android access point
  • Try moving Mirror closer to the router
  • Disable and enable Mirror’s WiFi and wait for about 10-15 minutes